The Essence of Film Acting Classes

The Essence of this class is for the actor to gain confidence, accept challenges, and realize your potential as a working actor; you will learn to take the attention away from yourself and respond fully to the other’s emotions just the way we do in life! You will ABSORB, not observe… and it will become effortless!

If consistency of attendance is maintained, major changes in your acting will be imminent.

How “on camera” is your acting class? The Essence of Film Acting classes use a two camera/split screen format.

Film acting class, videotaped on two cameras, split screen

Currently, there is space available in the Wednesday evening class.

  • Each class is three to four hours
  • All classes are filmed by two cameras, viewed on a split screen
  • All actor’s work is videotaped (including coach’s comments) and saved on a flash drive to view at home
  • Class limit is 14 students, aged 13-years old and up
  • Approximately every three months, an industry person (such as directors, casting directors, agents and managers) is invited to view the class
  • $225/month (four classes)
  • All classes are taught by veteran actress, Joy Rinaldi