The Audition Doctor

“You can act… but can you get the job?”

It’s that five minutes in the Casting Director’s office that can make or break you, your opportunity to show everything you’ve got! No matter where you are in your development as an actor, if you don’t get past the audition you don’t get the job!

After 20 years of auditioning and casting in New York and Hollywood, Joy Rinaldi, aka The Audition Doctor, has developed powerful audition techniques that will enable the actor to approach each audition with new confidence. This class includes aspects of The Essence of Film Acting.

  • Each class is three to four hours
  • All classes are filmed by two cameras, viewed on a split screen
  • All actor’s work is videotaped (including coach’s comments) and saved on a flash drive to review at home
  • Class limit is 14 students, aged 13-years old and up
  • Approximately every three months, an industry person (such as directors, casting directors, agents and managers) is invited to view the class
  • $225/month (four classes)

Note: Attendance in this class is by invitation only.